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What is EVS?

Max-Viz EVS (Enhanced Vision Systems) is an infrared (IR) aviation system that detects differences in heat instead of differences in light as a video camera would.  With thermal imaging, the EVS display lets you see when flying at night, or in smoke, haze, and light fog.  It can work as an alternative to or in tandem with light-based night vision goggle (NVG) technologies.  It complements your synthetic vision display, giving a real time confirmation on your environment, as well as supporting the transition from Visual Flight Rules (VFR) to Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) in marginal visual or IMC conditions.  Max-Viz EVS is an affordable solution to increasing pilot safety and situational awareness as there is no head up display (HUD) required.  Max-Viz has earned FAA certification for installation on over 200+ different aircraft models and types, with both Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) and Type Certificate (TC) approvals, ensuring you’ll be able to add this thermal imaging avionics technology to your cockpit.